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Full Grain Leather Notebook & Journal Navy Blue. Red String. Front

Navy Blue Full Grain Leather Notebook & Journal

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The Full Grain Leather Notebook & Journal is designed for those who enjoy handwriting, journaling, and sketching. It's appropriate to take anywhere, it's durable, and it has a lot of character. Guaranteed people will ask about it :) 

A leather notebook will be with you for a long time and with use, it will gain its own character. Every scratch and each mark will have a story. The natural oil from your hands will give it texture and color, and it will look better every day!

Our Notebook Refills are made from Tree & Acid-Free Banana Paper, which is great for writing and sketching with any type of pen or fountain pen. The notebooks are "section sewn", which make them resistant and comfortable to write on.

Banana paper has a soft ivory color and it has some traces of the natural banana fibers visible in each page. We use a 95 grams paper that delivers a wonderful writing experience and it doesn't bleed.



  • Full Grain Leather Cover - Size 6 x 8.5 inches
  • Replaceable Rubber Bands (1 extra turquoise included)
  • 100% Tree & Acid-Free Paper manufactured from banana plants
  • Includes 1 Banana Paper Notebook - 80 Blank Pages 5.5 x 8 inches


About Manufacturing

Our Raw Notebook is handcrafted in Costa Rica by experienced craftsmen.

We carefully handpick our leather from a local supplier (compliant with good practices and waste management regulations). Our paper is made from the fiber found in the banana plant's stem, that is considered a harmful waste product from Costa Rican banana plantations (highly polluting).

Through our production cycle, we provide an income source for families that have seen their jobs threatened by the reduction of local manufacturing and the industrialization of their craftsmanship.

We hope to be able, through design and innovation, to keep contributing to the sustainable development of those communities.


About the Paper

We use 100% Tree and Acid-Free Banana Paper. Why? We're committed to the quality of our products and to the protection of natural resources. We've seen firsthand how forests are destroyed, water is wasted, and rivers are contaminated due to the lack of information and awareness of people. So we wanted to contribute doing the research to find high-quality sustainable products.

Paper made from banana fibers helps to reduce an important portion of the biological waste from banana plantations, it saves water in its production process, and it avoids deforestation. 

Banana paper also delivers a great writing experience for almost any fountain pen, pen, and pencil. It's also great for watercolors, coloring pencils, and general sketching.

Please remember that our Banana Paper contains visible traces of banana fiber. So you should expect to see a blank page with small fiber incrustations.