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Banana Paper Notebook (5.5'' x 8'') - Tree & Acid-Free Paper - Kraft Cover

Banana Paper Notebook (5.5'' x 8'') - Tree & Acid-Free Paper - Kraft Cover

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Notebooks that deliver a wonderful writing experience for any type of pen or fountain pen, while saving trees and water.

Our banana paper is 95 grams on average, it does not bleed, and is super durable. It's manufactured through an environmentally conscious process, which saves water and reduces waste from banana plantations.

We use a thick Kraft Cover and the notebook is "Section Sewn", which provides durability and writing comfort.


  • 100% Tree & Acid-Free Banana Paper
  • 80 Blank Pages
  • Page Size 5.5'' x 8''
  • Section Sewn with a Kraft Cover
  • Each notebook is packed individually
  • Made in Costa Rica


Personalization Options

Personalization is great for events, gifts, and business purposes. Our notebooks have been used as corporate gifts, wedding gifts, merchandising, official school notebooks, and more!

Here are personalization options we offer:

  • Cover design: we can create a design for you, include your logo, or you can send your design to us.
  • Paper band: we can include a personalized message or design.
  • Paper design: our standard is blank paper, but we can provide lined and bullet designs.
  • Packaging: we provide personalized packaging for your specific needs.

If you'd like to ask for a personalized order or talk about a design idea, please contact us at care@shoptoratora.com.



Why banana paper?

Two main reasons:

  • It's a smart solution for banana plantations waste, which saves water, trees, and reduces pollution of water bodies and of communities.
  • It's beautiful. There are so many great features we can mention: the color, the texture, the thickness, the environmental responsibility... and we just think it's amazing.


Where does banana paper come from?

It comes from the banana tree stem, which is considered waste in the traditional banana industry and is thrown into landfills, which contaminates water sources, rivers, and communities.


Does banana paper solve a real environmental problem?

Banana paper impacts 3 main environmental concerns:

  • Deforestation: is a big issue with traditional paper production. Although sustainable tree plantations have emerged in the last years, and efforts have been made to recycle paper, there's still a long way to go.
  • Water savings: traditional paper manufacturing is water intensive. Banana paper production requires less water (approx 50% less).
  • Agricultural waste reduction: banana stems are traditionally thrown in landfills. In large banana producing areas, those stems are a relevant source of pollution, due to their composition, for water sources, rivers and communities. They produce bad smells, propagation of health nocive insects, and other health concerns. Banana paper is produced from those stems, eliminating that source of pollution. Of course, if banana paper demand increases, pollution from banana tree stems will significantly be reduced.


What's the lead time?

Once you place your order, we'll have your Banana Paper Notebooks delivered in 15 to 20 days.


How To Purchase Fewer Units?

If you would like to purchase smaller quantities or individual products, please visit us at our Amazon Store. Due to shipping costs from our warehouse in Costa Rica, we cannot sell individual products directly to our customers, so we do it through Amazon.


Other Questions?

Contact us at care@shoptoratora.com and we'll get back to asap!